Kindergarten Craziness: Germaphobes Beware!

Kindergarten Craziness: Germaphobes, beware!

It was that season of the year when we go from sickness to sickness. This year had been particularly gross. I hate to break it to you, but classrooms are really disgusting places. Germaphobes, you might as well stop reading this now.

My kindergarten class had been through bouts of strep throat, flu symptoms, ear infections, colds, and the dreaded lice. That week alone I had seen a few kids leave for fevers. The weary parents were tired of getting notes from the nurse about all the sicknesses.

It was one of my favorite times of the day, read aloud time after lunch. All the kids relax on the rug and I read a chapter book out loud to them. It’s the calmest part of the day, and a great time of the day to reset, relax, and get ready for the afternoon.

I was mid sentence when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, one of my quietest, sweetest little girls, turned and vomited.

All over everyone.

It was like a scene from a horror movie.

Mass chaos ensued. The girl who puked seemed like she was in a trance, completely disoriented. The kids who were puked on were freaking out, crying, yelling, and jumping out of the way.

I hollered to a poor unsuspecting support teacher who happened to be walking past my class and asked her to usher the sick girl to the nurse. She did so with big eyes, carefully keeping the puke-covered girl at arms length.

Then, I had to assess how many kids were puked on. It was about half my class, I quickly realized. I made everyone sit down, avoiding the puke, of course. Then I told the four kids who had a lot of vomit on them go to the nurse to change clothes. One girl who took the brunt of the puke shower, mostly in her hair, was so shook up that she was sobbing. They dripped their way to the nurse. Then there was a handful that had a little on their shoes or pants. I had these kids use antibacterial wipes. I literally made every kid do a little spin in front of me to make sure I got everyone taken care of.

I made a quick call to the nurse to follow up on the kids I had sent to her and then a call to the engineers to ask them to come clean up the rug.

Then, I decided to scrap all lesson plans for the next hour and let the remaining kids just play. And I went crazy sanitizing everything, like a madman!

That is one day I did not get paid enough to come to work! Grossest day, hands down!

What was your grossest teaching experience?



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