Kindergarten Craziness: Wild Visitor!

True story: Crazy things happen in kindergarten! You put 25 (or more!) kindergarteners in one room together and despite the order and peace that I try to embrace in my room, sometimes craziness happens!

A few years ago, it was nearing the end of the year and the weather was warm. I have this wonderful classroom that has a back door that opens right into our “tot lot,” which is a kindergarten-sized playground. It’s completely fenced in and secure, and opens to only the three kindergarten room. We LOVE it and use it daily!

So on warm days, sometimes we would prop the door open to let in fresh air. I had the kids calmed down after recess on our playground and we were sitting at our circle carpet with our math books open, ready for some “serious learning.” In the middle of a math lesson, I look up and we had a visitor wander into our classroom from the propped open playground door.

A cat. From the neighborhood! He came right in and started running around my classroom!

Can you picture this?

Math books go flying, Kids either run away from the cat or begin to chase it down. Screaming. “That’s my neighbor’s cat!” “I will catch him!”

It was absolute chaos. I immediately went into “emergency mode.”

“Everyone sit at your table! Right NOW!”

“Leave your math books where they are!”

“No one touches that cat!”

“I will be the only one to touch the cat!”

And hearing the urgency in my voice, they actually followed! I carefully eased my way over by the cat, who was clearly not aware that he had wandered into this mad house, and tried to calmly herd him toward the open door. Poor thing! He was so skittish. He ran away from me and eventually did find the open door. I closed it quickly and turned to my 25 hyped up kindergarteners.

I took a deep breath and said, “Can you believe that just happened?!”

And that was the day a cat visited kindergarten!


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